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  • Máquina portátil de rayos X
    • Máquina portátil de rayos X
    • Máquina portátil de rayos X
  • Máquina portátil de rayos X
    Máquina Rayos X
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Portable X-ray model PX30V is the newer X-ray fluoroscopy instrument for veterinary use. It adopts new imaging technique and internally installed high-voltage generator, as the new imaging technique has high sensitivity, so the radiation does is very low, then it confirm the operator and animals safety.



Without the darkroom and protecting, can work at any time.

High sensitivity, and high resolution Image intensifier, offer you newer visual feeling

Low radiation dose, reliable protection, simple structure, small volume and light weight, both can be handheld and used on the table, it's very convenient to operate.

Can be connected to video monitor, computer, TV set and video printer.


Valid visual field:     ≥Φ100mm

X-ray tube current:   0.5mA

Max thickness:       300 mm

Screen Brightness:   >20 cd/m2

Image resolution:     50 Lp/cm

Gray scale:          7


X-ray tube voltage:   80kV

Power consumption:  70 VA

Leaking X-ray:           ×10-5C>Kg-1H-1

Scattered X-ray:    ×10-5C>Kg-1H-1

Power Supply:      AC 110V~250V/50Hz or 12V



It's a necessary tool for the veterinarian, no matter where the veterinarian are both in the pet hospital and go one's rounds, or emergency treatment, repeat examination during operation, thanks to the small size and light weight, makes working with easy-to-use control. It also plays an important assistant role and provides great efficiency in fracture application: fusion, fixing, thread a needle, pick out foreign objective, especially install intramedullary nail and fix supporting equipment. 

Veterinary use, pet hospital;

The wounded treatment in sports field, building site, ocean-going vessel, remote area and army training locale;

Widely used in scientific research, experiment, engineering, science and educational equipments. 



Main unit, protecting board, power part, power supply cable, manual, carrying case.


Built-in Battery, Video Monitor, Video Printer, Pedal, Image Workstation.

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